Mission accomplished!  Was able to meet  Peter Capaldi (The Doctor) from the new Doctor Who Series 8.  Which is set to air  August 23, 2014.  He was a amazing – taking as many photos and autographs with his fans in between takes – it was crazy and the weather was crazy hot!  Yet he made sure he met everyone who was there watching the filming  of Doctor Who.  

I will only post one photo – so that way I am not going to give any *spoilers* on the new series – but if you every get a chance to watch a show being filmed especially Doctor Who – Do it.  It is truly interesting to see how much goes on behind the lens.


“LFCC 2014″

Well it’s that time of year again, COMIC CON – the start of the season!

Met some great guest like TJ Thyne @TJThyne from Bones and the Weeping Angel from Doctor who Sarah Louise Madison @_SLMadison_.  TJ Thyne was amazing guest and that’s not me but social media – all where very lovely and friendly.  They all enjoyed meeting their fans which with the heat in the building – they all had a smile on their face full of excitement.  Yes the building was hot and I mean like July hot in Florida – the sun was blazing all day.  Some of the must meet guest for us was John Hurt, Stan Lee, Carrie Fisher, TJ Thyne, Sarah Madison, Summer Glau, and Jenna Coleman.  The week leading up – we planned well..,maps where printed with schedules and a list of guest to be met on Sat. and Sun.  Stan Lee it was his last European visit – the lines where long and when you finished with one you got into another and once you done with that – you where finally into the last line – so you lined up  in three lines total.  So much to do this time – we got done with meet and greets on Sat. around 4:30 along with Sunday also.   This was one of the most stupendous cons we have been to with so many great guests who loved meeting their fans.  These cons seem to be getting bigger over the years – let’s see what Winter Con is going to bring!



“play well”


How cool is this?  For a short time only – they turned a bus stop into 100% lego – nothing is not lego…  It will be up  for only two weeks.







This was the parade for the Arsenal aka Gunners who won the FA Cup…as you can see the sun was shining bright and many streets where closed.  Which made  Arsenal’s 11th, which moves the Gunners into a tie with Manchester United – their rivals… like the Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers.  I got to see the players and the FA trophy : )


“here comes the bride”

Here comes the bride…no not me and not planning anything at all!  This was and only was an exhibit of wedding dresses through time.  As you can we go to many fashion exhibits and this was one of them and so nothing for me or even to have a thought in my mind.  Ok so now everyone know this was not a personal mission – the exhibit was interesting to see how weddings have involved.


“try not. do… or do not. there is no try.”

May 4th be with you!! (enough said)





It was that time of year again – the first saturday of may – around the world – yes it was free comic book day!!

This year over 60 comic books where up for grabs!  I had come prepared with the list of the top 10 to get… unlike the newbies to this day. ;)


“happy easter. yeesssssss.”

bom bom bom bom b-bom bom b-bom yep Star Wars was theme this year.   Happy Easter!



“now that is a record”

Off to do a fun thing, make your tote bag with spray paint.  And it was to help promote the festival which was record store day.  A way to show support to the all the record stores nearby, with loud music playing (of course)  and street food.  We must never forget the food!




“elementary, my dear watson”


Off to do a very tourist thing a very last unplanned – did the complete tour of Sherlock Holmes at 221B.  Inside the house  it was like stepping back into time.


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