“art of the brick exhibit”

All I must say is “wow.”  I have included the link below so you can get some more information.  If the exhibit ever comes to your neck of the woods – I would recommend you check it out.

This is an exhibit all legos being made into these amazing pieces created by a US artist Nathan Sawaya




That time of year again!  Didn’t get a chance to do it last year as not all participating members where present!  First stop was Winter Wonderland and then start heading towards Convent Garden to check out the Lego display – Santa’s sleigh and reindeers!


“pre holiday shaningins”

These are some of the pre holiday fun I had – making ornaments, playing tourists aka Canary Wharf and Carnaby Street, along with Sweetpea getting into the holiday spirit!




ThanksGiving .14  

Yes, that is a death star pumpkin pie!







“greenwich or bust”

There was one mission on this adventure but we saw so much more!  The goal was to find the Paddington Bear that was made by the current doctor on Doctor Who. [ Paddington Trail saw more than 50 individually-designed Paddington Bear statues ]  The bears where all over London – this one took us to Greenwich – which is home of the Cutty Sark, the Royal Observatory where the Prime Meridian is located, and also a deer park.  The squirrels where also very friendly :)



a celebration of the japanese culture with traditional and contemporary performances, food and drinks.  and also found this amazing guy with the most amazing moustache ~

there are photos of the food we got some dragon tails and some super cute macarons with amazing designs.




recent street art that was found the city





“batty over halloween”

We  carved pumpkins like the majority of everyone.  The theme of the pumpkins was very geeky.  One was gizmo from gremlins, my neighbor totoro and finally ice king from adventure time.  I discovered this amazing place that decorates their houses for halloween :)

Also one more thing I did was see the original ghostbusters movie in the theater!



as you can probably guess this post is about WW1.  It was a time to be – to see and to feel.   how the day was marked by the 100th anniversary, also an update on the exhibit at tower of london.

“an installation entitled ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’ saw the Tower of London’s famous dry moat filled with over 800,000 ceramic poppies, creating a powerful visual commemoration for the First World War Centenary.” (quoted by The Royal British Legion)  It was so amazing and left you breathless how the moat was a solid red…so many poppies.


“post con blues”

Something is in the air again – yes Comic Con – winter version!  Of course many guests to meet – but also some amazing cosplay.  As you can see sweet pea had an amazing time taking lots of photos.  Cosplayed at this one as a peg doll from doctor who and Kaylee from firefly.  The next comic con is in July – and the cosplay wheels are a turning! Along with that a prize was also won at this con – a true blood prize package…it included a signed dvd from an actor, box set of the show, official  tshirt and finally a mug.


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